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SSAS Set up & Administration

We act as SSAS pension Practitioner, pension administrators and pension lawyers for nemerous pension schemes. Since A Day in 2006 the role of a pension practitioner grew as member-trustees chose to self administer whilst guided by firms like us as pension practitioner. However, it was not all beer and skittles as the incidence of pension liberation grew to the point that ceding schemes adopted rebellious attitude in refising, almost en masse, to transfer members' acrued rights to their newly established SSAS (pension schemes). The industry therefore moved towards having professional administrators, especially those that were regulated by an approved body (such as the SRA) to take personal responsibility for the scheme under section 270 of the Finance Act 2004. As the administrator could be personal liable for unauthorised payments made by the scheme such as those that are pension liberation led, ceding schemes are now less hostile to transfer requests and rightly so.


SSAS Employer Loans

A SSAS is highly regarded as it is the only pension scheme of its type that allows the pensions scheme to lend money to the sponsoring employer- your company. A SSAS is able to lend up to 50% of the net value of the fund provide it gives the scheme a first legal charge of identical value or more. This charge given to the SSAS may be a third party one and does not have to be on property owned by the sponsoring employer company.


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Taxation of Pensions Act 2014

The Taxation of Pensions Act 2014 has brought about radical changes to how members can access their retirement savings. The highly restrictive capped drawdown that applies to most people has been relaced with the Flexi-Drawdown enabling members to draw on their retirement savings when they chose after 55 without being limited in how much of their accrued rights they can draw in any one year. Tax relief reamians though at only 25% of the amount flexibly accessed. The Act also introduces the Uncrystallised funds pension lump sum which may be taken out anytime without the need to first designate funds to drawdown. All these being alternatives to the traditional anuities pension that have become unpopular over the years as annuinity rates have fallen- recently to a record low although this is partly due to these pension reforms.

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Take Control- Small Self Administered Pension Schemes (SSAS)

A SSAS continues to be a self administration pension vehicle and the statistics show that self managed investmenets easily out-perform the more traditional ones used by personal pension schemes.


Fenwick Solicitors provide SSAS set-up services to sponsoring employer companies or businesses looking to provide relevant retirement benefits to partners, directors and key employees who are less than 12 in number. The cornerstone of our set up service is our SSAS Trust Deed and Rules which is wriiten in irrevocable trust to make it eligible for tax relief under the Finance Act 2004 with discretionary trust death benefit provisions to shield a member's beneficiaries from Inheritance tax on death in service of a member. As an owner of a small business, a SSAS is often recommended as the ideal pension solution for those who wish to maximise on scheme investments. With a SSAS all members unanimously make investment decisions and in doing so are exempt from a good number of pension scheme rules and regulations, making it a flexible easy to administer method of providing for your later years. Fenwick Solicitors offer is quick affordable SSAS set up service with fees starting at £850.00. We provide the full range of supporting legal services that might arise during the life of your pension scheme, without the need for you to use another firm. Call us on 01752 250821 to discuss your requirements or click here to email us.

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SSAS Cost Effectiveness

There is very little difference betwen the costs of setting up a SSAS and a SIPP. However when you look at the advanatges a SSAS and the ecominies of scale where there is more than one member, a SSAS often appears the logical choice. ...

Family Planning

A SSAS is increasingly being used to create liquidity for successful succession planning. The company's main assets is often transfered to the SSAS and remains there as generations come and go at the helm of the company and as members of the scheme taking their retirement savings from other company contributions over the years....

SSAS for Businesses

An eefective vehicle for the purchase of commercial property is a SSAS. Instead of buying business premises in your own name, take financial advice and consider whether to instead, set up a SSAS for £970 and then purchase either with a mortgage or your transfered pension savings the commercial property. The benefits of purchasing with a SSAS is that the income generated builds up in your pension scheme tax and CGT free. ...

Experienced SSAS Administrators

We at Fenwick Solicitors Plymouth have the never say never attitude to administering pension schemes. Speak to us first before ruling out any SSAS related plans. We are able to solve conundrums and tailor your the aministration of your SSAS to acheieve your goals without falling foul of HMRC or Pension legistation....

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